arrow keys + space bar to shoot OR I J K L + W to shoot

WIP / prototype

almost there?


added zoom effect


added hurt animations

refined player vs enemies collisions

found bug in mobile control: can keep firing when hovering over the X button (to do)

fixed mobile controls.

Updated 12 hours ago
Tagsgideros, liquidfun


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ah those bugs :-)

It happened to me once but don't remember the cause, can you tell me when this happens? I think it's when the player dies?

Thank you for your feedback Bangbloom


Nice game :) Need new levels soon :P

merci Antoine, that was a nice twitch.

I also did this one

Tell me what you think :-)

It won't save in html5 though, you need to download the exe if you want to save on your HD.



Very good, the character is very charismatic. It would be interesting to put it blinking in the animations (this is more my taste). It is still a prototype but I really liked it. Only the collision of the purple balls is misaligned.
I would like to see a little game with this character.


thank you kinrpg, I have uploaded a new test with some more stuff. Still a prototype though.


Gideros s2

i am trying your game :-)